I am a bear on this pair..


55 above 21 Market is bearish,price is currently bullish but as a bear i am eyeing on the 21 ema that bears can sell there since play as my dynamic resistance,if price breaks the 21ema i will be eyeing to sell at(0.75000/MPP if it moves father high i will consider 0.75500/MM3) for entry points..


Market is flat,price opened at WPP target is WR2,therefor as a bear i will be using my ranging strategy buying at the bottom of the range and selling at the top,the top of my range is at (0.74500/WR1) i will consider it as my first entry if i get reversal patterns at lower time frames,IF not i will than eye on (0.75000/WM4 /0.75500)..


21,55 flat(Market is saideways ),price is currently at support and looks like we have a double bottom for bulls,as a bear i am eyeing for price to push back up to the top of my current range for me to sell witch is at (0.74500)if it breaks this resistance i will than eye on (0.75000/MPP/WM4 confluence) for my second entries..

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