Here are the monthly pivots for position traders who look to hold a trade for 2-3 weeks shown on daily charts. The theory is to sell off M3 and target M1 and/or to buy M2 and target M4.

I have simply based this post on either USD or JPY strength/weakness to see the relationships within those currencies. I do not see congruence throughout these charts so some might work but some will fail and I would expect that in my planning of a trade. Watch for fundamentals to give direction as well and then line up strength/weakness for the better opportunities!

Another way to trade these can be to use weekly pivots after they print and try to align them with the monthly pivots thus creating better odds while trading your bias all together.

Perhaps Wayne will offer opinion throughout the month as well for follow up to the trading course.

Lets see how it plays.

USD Monthly Pivots

JPY Monthly Pivots

5 thoughts on “Monthly Pivots on Radar”

  1. Kash says:

    Hi James, could you please explain the logic here and why Pivot theory says: Sell M3 and Target M1 or Buy M2 target M4? Your EURJPY sell(based on PP theory) is at conflict with my EURJPY long trade idea(based on the alignment of the daily SMA’s) that I reason is more logical and probable for success (see my post). Thank you

    1. James Mauro says:

      Hey Kash, these are ideas to plan from that “if” in alignment with your bias “then” pivot theory just might prevail and add value to your trade planning. That being said, Wayne’s course (and daily webinars) in regards to pivot theory highlights to ‘look’ for opportunities to ‘Sell near the M3 zone and Target M1 or Buy near the M2 zones target M4’ as a guideline when planning a trade. IE.. his discussion earlier on E/U was the exact same theory as in the post above for E/U if you were in the room. Will it happen, who know’s but we will find out by July 1st. Trading is about probabilities and not certainties in my or anyone’s posts so don’t think of these plans they post/talk about as set in concrete and “is going to happen” on the right side of the chart. My advice is that if someone’s post doesn’t fit your bias then do not follow it if you’ve set an opposing bias. I hope this helps. Thanks for asking!

  2. Kash says:

    Cool, thanks for your reply. I know Wayne said PP theory may work in the manner you described (such as in the room today with E/U)and has done courses to that effect however that doesn’t explain the logic of selling M3 to target M1 for example. Great if it agrees with my bias, but that’s a 50/50 proposition in a sense, doesn’t make it valid and certainly doesn’t explain PP theory logic of m3 to m1 etc. Because “Wayne said so” or “it’s in Wayne’s course” isn’t the logic…let me know your thoughts. Thanks James, I appreciate the dialogue.

    1. James Mauro says:

      Valid question and probably best for Wayne to respond to that one. If I was to guess, knowing Wayne, it’s time tested from his trading perspective that he has proven to have a greater than 50% reliable successful results to trade plan from. I can tell you personally that it not a set in concrete method but it does have consistency in it just not on every pair. My weekly swing posts incorporate a strength meter to add further support in this methodology but I also have a very specific way of trading it as well that I have worked on for a long time. Sometimes I get a signal and sometimes I don’t, that’s trading! Best of pips..

  3. Kash says:

    Thank you, best of pips!

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