Look to enter in the weekly sell zone (WK M3- WK PP) @ resistance, with a possible conservative target @ Weekly M1 1.2907.


Resistance on daily chart (double Top) & Monthly R3. Note how price price action respected the upward channel, (price at upper channel resistance).


awaiting entry to short ; 15min/ 5 min , 5-8 cross etc

4 thoughts on “Monday 25th, July 2016; USD/CAD Short”

  1. Jim Reddihough says:

    Also a double top at 1.3190, but CAD is looking weak and oil is falling again. I’d like a lower high before considering an entry.

  2. roger s says:

    Hi Jim. Is crude @ a bottom or their still some movement down to long term support @ 43.00. What do think….

    1. Jim Reddihough says:

      Next support level looks to be around 42 to me.

      1. roger s says:

        noted, I was rounding off my Monthly S2 (42.9200)…..

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