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  • This pair has moved nicely up and as I commented in my last post the 1.0500/1.0600 could act as minor resistance areas which manifested itself. Look at 1.0500 as the new support level to take buys on dips. My […]

  • After being stuck at the 142.50 level, the pair broke down last week and fell to the next support at 138.90 for about 360p reward. This level is the September 2016 high and also acted as a key level for the pair […]

    • Great Annalists! Looks like This pair isnt waiting for Tuesday and is On the move already!

      • Thanks Ronald and note that I already said traders must start to short at 147.00 already, so this pair has paid a truck-load of $$ already. Hope you have made some good pips!

    • GBP dropping like a stone. funny how politics can cause havoc in the financial markets.

      • Hey Dalmas! Yes and GBP has been weak for a long time and even before Brexit! However, quite amazing how politics (as you say) are playing a major role and that’s why I don’t trade fundamentals. I only trade USD when Yellen speak and sold it every single time last year and it worked super. She is speaking again this week. US is just TALKING the $ strong – no evidence and the data not looking good to me, so if I trade USD I’m a bear. How on earth can you give NFP data and then correct it the very next time? Who is doing the data and counting if the corrections are so big? Lots of questions I ask myself about USD!!

  • The tradeplan posted on 2 Jan hit target at 0.98290. This is a very volatile pair to trade so a big congrats to those who took this trade.

  • The trade posted last year and followed up last week has hit the target.

  • I commented on the broadening wedge on my post of 7 Dec and the area of confluence at 147.00 and soon thereafter it started falling and hit our support level at 143.20 and now It gave a false breakout below, but […]

  • This pair has been playing around the 81.00 level that was our first target we hit in December as per my initial trade plan posted. Wait for a H4 or even a Daily break below 81.00 to sell down to 79.40 or when you […]

  • The pair broke the trend-line bullish after a few false breakouts these past 2 months. The Daily closed with a big bullish candle on Friday, but at a high price, so expect a pull-back and look to buy and if the […]

  • Feedback on trade-plans posted. Both these pairs are doing well going to my estimated targets. NZDUSD broke the 0.69660 support level and back there again, so continue looking for sell opportunities while […]

  • I posted this trade last week and cautioned on the 1.23260 level to watch. The market did not disappoint and shot up with about 100p from this level and then turned around to close below 1.23260 again on Friday on […]

  • I posted trade plans on all 3 these pairs last Monday. Oil and CAD news impacted my trade-plans (no surprise). GBPCAD never broke and closed the wedge bullish on the Daily chart and I ended up selling this pair. […]

  • I posted the initial trade in November already, but it gave a false breakout at the time. Fast forward to today and buyers broke the trendline just before day close yesterday with about 20 pips. I will watch for […]

    • Thanks Maryna agree its worth watching , I myself have taken a few nibbles on its way up .

    • Been watching this pair also, Maryna in the 4HR chart the recent lows looks like a bull flag with trend resumption right after it broke above the resistance trend line.

    • Thanks Dalmas and yes I hope there is not another false breakout, but it doesn’t matter as I will just sell it down and buy it up again as I did with the 3 previous false breaks! Good to know that you are seeing a possible bull flag and thanks for sharing with me.

    • Hi maryna, I tried reaching you on Skype but all to no avail. You chat me up on Skype. Thanks

    • Hi Dexterous, there is something wrong with SKYPE on your side as I’m getting Skype calls and messages. Tried to call you, but it’s just dead, so there must be a problem on your side.

  • Following up on my last post on this pair, the wedge support on 15 Dec was broken and our target was 1.2326 that was reached on 20 Dec. I also mentioned that a close below 1.2326 would open up to the Oct lows near […]

    • Looks like we might get a good entry tomorrow/Fri. I’m looking for price to breach top of your channel (maybe to 1.24) then fall again.

    • Hi Marnya, I’m a novice FX trader and have read your recent comments and can say I have learnt alot from your posts and do indeed hope you continue your contributions.
      With respect to GBPUSD trade idea we had a daily close of 1.23236 yesterday, just shy of 1.2326 you suggested as the line in the sand between a break up or down. With the insights you shared coupled with my bearish view I am currently a seller at the 4hr downtrend line (1.2349) 1st tgt 1.2215 support and a tight SL. Many thanks

    • Hey Kash, USD weak today, so be cautious with your trade. H4 is oversold, but the pull-back may not be as big if USD stays weak. I posted a post a while back on USD with the elections and that a weaker USD can be expected until the inauguration based on past history. SKYPE me if you need help.

    • Hey Maryna, tx for your reply. I got stopped out on my GBPUSD SELL at my SL of 1.23623 and this price is exactly the High of the day thus far. It seems statistically impossible to pick the high of the day to 5 decimal places (my SL on the sell), & even more so that I have been stopped out exactly on a high/low of the day multiple times in the last 12 months on other trades. My question is, what is the high of the day for GBPUSD showing on your charts nowish, say 9:42GMT?
      and…can you recommend a forex broker? Traders Way does not look suitable for an Australian client for support and other reasons. tx 4 your help

    • Kash, I will only know the high for today when the day is over and as per my post I cautioned on the 1.23260 area, Not sure what time-frame you used, but I normally watch higher time-frames for confirmation level and you can see on the H4 that the market struggled to go higher than the 1.23550 – 4 H4 candles got stuck there which is a sign that bulls are struggling and only a few pips higher than the 1.23260 price. Remember, the market does not always go TO THE EXACT PRICE, and always allow for a 10-15 pip deviation. I use FXPRIMUS as a broker and they are EU regulated. Tradersway is not regulated at all!

    • Maryna, I was referring to the High thus far today that GoMarkets(my FX bro) in Australia is quoting now 11:07 GMT for GBPUSD which is 1.23623-my exact SL on an open sell order…I was curious if my broker was so-called ‘stop-hunting’, if that even exists. So I guess I am curious if FXPRIMUS for example is quoting a different high price so far for GBPUSD today. I appreciate you taking time to write to me.
      I do recall your comments about potential USD weakness leading into the inauguration also, now that you mention it. Forgot! Didn’t even consider a broker that is regulated….guess I gotta a bit of homework to do!

    • Kash, call me on SKYPE please as i only use 1 screen and difficult to type so much. Thanks!! I’m a trader, not a typist -hie, hie!!

  • Forgive me if I’m forward or mistaken, but is this group not supposed to be a forum where traders can learn and help each other? I see trades are posted that fail miserably and no feedback from the people who […]

    • Thank you for your post. I agree this is a great forum for us traders to share ideals and learn to trade successfully but the only way we will learn to to get involve and help each other!

    • Thanks Maryna for speak out the trader’s voice 🙂 Keep our trading spirit high 🙂

    • Very good point!

    • I think there’s a lot of “voyeur traders” here Maryna. I have posted plenty of trade plans to scalp timingly and swing (plenty of them on the mark and of course some not) but hardly any response from the audience. At one point I even left a plan wide open for involvement from the audience but not a single taker to move forward on the trade plan/idea. I even have tried to get people to skype me and leave my link in plain sight but no luck there either. Now it even seems that for some reason the views on posts from good plans/ideas have fallen off a cliff. Wayne has even tried to encourage involvement but seemingly on deaf ears but I think his view is that the posts are more about the individuals progress as a trader. I can see you’re frustration and I too hoped for a team like atmosphere coz this is a lonely venture it seems. Best wishes Maryna and hope this is a spark.

      • Hey James, thanks for your comments. I will see how it goes this month and then decide if I will continue participating on Forex.Today. It’s not so much about posting trades, but about the purpose and value thereof as it does take time to analyze and post trade ideas and with so little feedback from the group we will not know if anyone is benefiting from this site? Will be great if members give feedback on actual trades taken from all the posts as well. I have no idea for instance how successful traders are that use Wayne’s strategy as we never see feedback.on actual trades they took based on their plans posted or otherwise. All fine saying “sell here, buy there” etc, but do members actually TAKE any of the trades. Simply giving feedback saying for example, I took James’s trade and made 10 pips or even a loss or whatever will do as that is the only way to learn and see how well the strategies and analyses works. Have a great day James!

    • Thanks Maryna I agree with you

    • Just a last note on this topic – we don’t need to post trades etc. to see individual progress – this can be done with a journal. Constructive inputs (good and bad), questions about trades posted etc. are things that will help everyone progress. So, C’MON’ Forex. Today members – use this site to learn and share! I’ve commented plenty of times on this site and always received feedback from the person who posted a trade, so there is commitment and no need to feel shy/ashamed to post trades or comments. Even if we make a loss, we can post it and all learn from it or how to make the pips back after a loss. We all make losses, so we don’t need to pretend we don’t. I even have a strategy to use when you want to make sure you don’t lose – hie, hie!

    • Hi Maryna
      When I first began coming to forex.today there was a forum section but it was taken down. I would also
      like to have conversations about various forex trading topics and trade ideas.

      Personally I am slow to comment on others plans because I either don’t follow the thought process or the plan
      simply says something like enter at the pivot or fib which I understand but doesn’t bear much comment.

      I think bringing back the forum would foster more communication.

      Thanks and I would like to hear others views.


      • Ken, quite a few of the traders chat on SKYPE and working well as we don’t need to type and can chat and share charts/idea’s, so maybe a good idea to use SKYPE? Too much information gets distorted or lost by typing, so chatting live a much better option.

  • Maryna posted an update 2 weeks, 1 day ago

    I read a very good book called “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu over the festive season and it’s applicable to trading as well, and especially to those who struggle with the psychological aspect of trading.

  • AUDJPY ended with a shooting star at the end of Dec and the H4 stochastic pointing down. I will watch for selling opportunities to about 80.00 – 79.00

  • I posted trade ideas on this pair on 12 and 20 November and since then it broke parity and has fallen nearly 330pips. It broke the support @0.9947 and a key support level at 0.9730 last Thursday and now testing […]

  • This pair has been giving quite a few false breakouts over the festive season, but notice how the week closed back below the trend line. So while this appears to be a false break on the daily chart, it turned out […]

  • I posted a trade idea on this pair on 11 Dec and it fell with about 155p soon thereafter and only re-tested the resistance last week from where it bounced up. Friday ended with a shooting star on the Daily chart […]

  • I posted this trade idea on 22 November and it hit target on Thursday.This was a super quick move/breakout, so unless you were already in the trade, you might have missed it.

    • Hi Maryna, do you know what time the FX markets open for 2017?
      Thank you

    • Hi Kash, it will open in about 15 hours from now @ 0:00 am CAT (Central Africa time) on my platform.

    • Tx a million, good fortune and an abundance of pips for you in 2017 and beyond from downunder in Sydney Australia! Kash

  • Trade plan posted on 9 Dec and follow-up on 20 Dec. The pair hit the 143.20 target and a reward of 360p so far from breaking the wedge. Keep on selling at resistance levels as per the plan posted.

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