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7 thoughts on “Meet The Team”

  1. Dhanpal Singh says:

    what news today market

    1. Viprala rajesh says:

      Pls let me know how to join you n and how much it costs for live trading mentorship.

      1. Viprala rajesh says:

        My contact 00971552060127

  2. Tony Liaw says:

    Y J Baik and Paul Dunne
    contact me via whatsapp +6737171989
    if you have interest to manage fund please contact me.

  3. marco polo says:

    Hi, just want you to know that your subscribers to Daily Forecast newsletter
    receive your emails with delays sometimes greater that 12 hours.
    So what is the point to do this forecasts, I don’t understand ?

  4. Tony Liaw says:

    Dear sir
    add my whatsapp +6737171989
    i am looking for someone to trade my real account and manage fund.THank you

  5. imalizahid says:

    How can i would join Analysis team.

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