Will put a long position on USDCHF as I believe that US dollar will remain bullish for the rest of this year. As various Fed board members have said they are in favour of increasing the interest rate in December and throughout 2018. This indicate that we should expect dollar to remain bullish for a couple of week provide no political news interrupts the dollar. The CHF was very strong today and this as provided price to be at a strong to intermediate support levels at price of 0.98984 Expect to by at this price. There a possibility that price will on reach 0.98984 at the end of this trading week. Therefore swing trade could only be for next week.


21 AND 55 still indicate that market is ranging. Therefore if a fib is place on the previous high it can be seen that MPP falls in between the fib zone. This is where we expect to execute the trade.


The market on the the H4 chart indicates that it is ranging but it seems to have gone further down from the bottom of the range and now price is testing that bottom of the range . I am anticipating price to go down to WM1 then go up again to MPP. If price goes down to WM1 this is when we expect to enter long position.


On the H1 chart market is clearly in a range and price is at the bottom of the range. Even though price is bullish and is at a support , I still anticipate is will break the support zone and go further down to WM1. I think swiss franc strength is temporary.


The M15 chart is similar to H1 chart in that it is also in range but price is in the middle of the range. Price as to drop further down to trigger buy position. There is a chance that buy position will only be triggered in the next trading week.

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