The yen has been very strong recently and this has caused price on most yen pairs to drop considerately, however gold and the 10Y T note have not gone up considerately as well which means that it is still a risk on market, therefore commodity pairs can still be bearish against the yen and since price has dropped and it is low bulls could start to enter. Will probably have to wait and see if this is a long term downtrend by seeing lower lows on the yen pairs or could be a range.


Market is starting to trend as 21 and 55 are not flat and large angle of separation. Will be waiting to see if reversal pattern candlestick will form.


Market is ranging but price is bearish. and price has bounced off WPP therefore price should come WS2 where by position should be triggered.


One thought on “Long Position on AUDJPY”

  1. joel morapedi says:

    i would buy after high high role reversal

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