I am long on the EURJPY. This is a pure technical trade. I plan to buy this pair if price breaks the top of the range. price is currently approaching the top of the range at the first range peak at 133.891 I plan to buy it just above the second peak at 134.474. Since it is the end of the month I will wait and see where the MPP will be for the next month. If price does break 134.474 I anticipate to buy the pull back. If price fails to break zone between the two prices. must wait till price goes down to the support which is the bottom of the range.


Market is in a strong range which has lasted for the past three months. Price almost at resistance .


On the H4 chart the the range is more clear to see either buy at the bottom of the range of wait for price to form a higher high come back down then buy the pull back.


The range can also be seen more clearly on the H1 Similar analyses.

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