6 thoughts on “Live Forex Strategy Webinar Monday March 20, 2017”

  1. nuno cabruja says:

    Thank you , Mr Wayne
    This comunity is very usefull to me i am quadraplegic and i have diffiiculty in making trade plans, hope you guys continue posting,
    it is a great help
    i am greatfull .

  2. Kerem says:

    Thanks a lot to you Coach Wayne and to Tradersway. I have read your book and currently reading your recommendation “The Prize” by Daniel Yergin also have “The Quest” by him on my desk too. Apart from the reading and trading, I have a one year old who just started walking at home who is keeping me quite busy but I will post my trading ideas soon. Thanks for having this great community available. It’s a great source of information from new traders to experienced ones to get an edge in this challenging business.

  3. Nick Romanovsky says:

    Thanks for posting todays show Wayne. I enjoyed listening to it while I was doing some research and compiling a report for a client. That way I could multi task today. Greatly appreciated.


    Your analysis helps me a lot. You’re great!
    Thanks so much!

  5. Jorge Mancipe says:

    Hello Wayne, Thanks a lot for every explanation you have been doing. I am new in Forex learning a lot with your seminars. you mentioned last week no body care about you post the video but for me it really matters it is so much important and I care a lot. My schedule Interfered exactly at the time of the seminar 4:30am (California time) and the recording is essential piece on the puzzle for me. You are really making big difference on people’s life and I respected your dedication, good willing to help others. Thanks a lot.

  6. Joe urban says:

    Thanks Wayne, the big picture, here is what it takes to be a trader, talk was inspiring. I appreciate your coaching and willingness to share. So far I feel like my son in t-ball. When the coach puts the ball on the T, I can hit it poorly. I want to hit the ball in the air on my own, but I am really not good enough for that yet. -Joe

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