BOJ had a Monetary Policy Meeting today, and the URL of the announcement is here


The initial reaction was Yen-Bear (USDJPY jumped up from 122.50 to 123.50), but then it retraced more than 100% !!

You can read the details of the announcement in a different post.  So I will not repeat here again.

Did Kuroda Bazooka misfired?   Should I be Bear?


Well, that’s your alpha.

But for me, I still respect Ichimoku.  Here is Weekly Ichimoku of USDJPY pair.

This pair is still well supported by the weekly Cloud (as well as Daily Cloud).


So I remain to be Bull.

In my opinion, it may be true that Kuroda is running out of his options.  However, the basic fundamentals remain the same – Divergence of the Interest rate between USD and JPY.

Also the current rise of USDJPY can be considered as USD Strength, rather than JPY weakness.

As a Bull, what do I do?  Just look for the next buy zones.


  1. 121.65 : WPP & Fib50%
  2. 121.50 : Support zone & Psycho number
  3. 121.00:  MS1 & Psycho number
  4. 120.30: Next Support zone



Hope this helps your analysis.


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