Kiwi Technical analysis Forecast_14-18 November 2016

For fundamental summary and sentiment of the Kiwi, may you kindly see my post Here

NzdUsd H4 Chart

Price opened just above the WM2 @ 0.71329, for which it was at support. It then broke the support level during the Asian session only to find support @ 0.70744. The direction then changed as it went up during the London through to the American sessions breaking the role reversal. I am expecting a bounce off the 21 MA as it retraces up knowing that upcoming data from the US might strengthen the greenback more this week.

AudNzd H4 Chart

Price opened at support @ 1.05930. It then went up to retest a resistance level which lies just above WM3 @ 1.06431. Price is currently retracing down and just crossed the WM3 pivot. Should price break through the immediate support level, a minor support level @ 1.35072 is eyed which coincides with the WPP.

EurNzd H4 Chart

Price opened this week @ 1.50934 just below the WPP. It then when up to test the then immidiate resistance level of 1.52371 which it failed to break. It went on to smash through a support level of 1.51270. I am expecting to see it move all the way down to the next eyed support level of 1.48840 which coincides with WS1.

GbpNzd H4 Chart

Price opened just under a resistance level @ 1.76186 which coincides the WM3 pivot @ 1.77000, a psych level price failed to break. An immediate support level of 1.74328 eyed which I believe the 21 MA will also act as dynamic support to it then. Should price break through it, the next major support level is eyed at WM2.

NzdJpy H4 Chart

Price opened at the weekly pivot point after having broken down through the 21 & 55 MA's. It then shot up breaking through a resistance level which coincides with WM3 @ 76.9500, a psych level. Should the kiwi remain stronger than the yen, the next resistance level of 77.800 is eyed.

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