Todays market on the eurusd was not an easy one to trade.

Whenever a trading subject is shared there is normally a big part of confusion.

When to go long or short and what would be the trade plan are always the questions asked.

I will try to share on how I go about it and if it helps you then even the better.

The first thing that I see is that price is below the purple 200 MA.

My trade plan for the day has been established I will only trade short on this currency pair.

The blue numbers are possible entries that you could have taken always in direction of the trend.

When you test things out then you will really see that you keep a big part of your profits if you only trade in one direction.

The difficulty for the day was when price traded sideways as seen with the yellow lines.

One way to go about it is to wait for price to break out and enter on the restest.

The smaller moving averages might be used for our entries.

Best of PIPS

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