Looking to get some Yen pairs to retrace , so that I can get a better price. I especially like to buy usd/jpy, gbp/jpy, cad/jpy. When Oil hits support with a 15 minute change of trend I really want to buy cad/jpy

5 thoughts on “July 11-15”

  1. Miles says:

    Hi Pippin’, USDJPY is overbought on all timeframes, it could be a long retracement, where will you like to buy it? I’m looking at WPP but it could get in trend again as soon as DR2-DM4

  2. Zelda says:

    Hi Miles, i bought at Dr2 and some more at Dr3

  3. pippinusa says:

    I didn’t get a pull back, so I will wait till 101.50-102 area. I tried several attempts last night to post my charts, no success

  4. Miles says:

    Hi Zelda and Pippin’! Zelda you got good entries at DR2 and DR3, but was it luck? Stoch was extremely overbought and yes it kept on going up, but how risky was it to buy in a so overbought market? Like Pippin’ I’ll be waiting for the area at 11.5 clustered with DR3. Why Pippin’ would you buy at 102, only for the psych level or do you see other confluent levels?

    1. pippinusa says:

      Yes psych level, and here we are again…..

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