NZD/USD is trading narrow range for a long time, it seems to be having trouble breaking long-term resistance at 0.7340

Pay attention to the pattern – it could be that we see here gartley pattern’ this the situation so we should expect to see lower number below the last lows, while break above 0.7340-0.7460 could take him to 0.79 area
The NZD/USD might need to see further strength to move above the 0.7340-0.74400 resistance, which could indicate make new highs at 0.79 area; break below 0.6940+_ may expose what could be another step down below the previous lows key resistance area below the 0.6760 level
One more thing:
See the similar moves that happen in 1999
break down0.6670-0.6780 will lead nzd to lower prices 0.61′ and even lower to 0.53-0.59


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