Happy Traders!

I am back from my Summer vacation, and fully energized for the currency analysis for Forex.Today.

Let me start with the Daily Ichimoku Analysis of JPY cross Pairs.


1) 3 Yaku Koten (3 buy signals) – USDJPY


<Ichimoku Analysis>
a) Candles > Clouds?  ::  YES, means Buy
b) Chiko (delayed) line > Candles?  :: YES, means Buy
c) Tenkan Line > Kijun Line :: means Buy


BOJ Governer, Mr. Kuroda said at the congress on June 10th that “the current level – 124.50-60 should be the ceiling for USDJPY” seems to be treated as the actual ceiling for this pair.    Also on July 27th, Kuroda said “Further QE is not necessary for now”.     However, Prime Minister Abe is losing his popularity dramatically due to Security related legislation.  So he needs to come up with something special to regain his popularity.   I wouldn’t be surprised if he prepared further QE, or some kinds of economic stimulus package to announce.

Though I am Bull on this pair, as long as the candles don’t drop from the Clouds, I still think the current ceiling of 124.50-60 level is very strong.


2) Rather Bull pair – GBPJPY


<Ichimoku Analysis>
a) Candles > Clouds?  ::  (touching the clouds, but) YES, means Buy
b) Chiko (delayed) line > Candles?  :: No, means Sell
c) Tenkan Line > Kijun Line :: means Buy

Chiko (delayed) line is below the candles, which keeps GBPJPY out of “3 Bug Signals”.   But I am still bull with this pair, as a) & c) are also important.   The Tenkan/Kijun lines cross over up is a strong signal.  So as long as the candles are above the Clouds, I am bull.


3) 3 Yaku Anten (3 Big Sell signals)

AUDJPY and NZDJPY remain as “3 Big Sell signals”.   So I also remain bear with these pairs.

2015-07-27_12-40-02-NZDJPY 2015-07-27_12-39-38-AJ


In this situation, Kijun line, Tenkan line, and also the bottom of the clouds often work as resistances.


4) Mix bag

EURJPY is a mix bag.


The candles are straggling in the Clouds.  As long as the candles remain in the clouds, I am not going to trade this pair.


As you all know, this Daily charts only show us the generic bias.  So please analyze with the smaller timeframe to enter the trade.


Happy Tradin’



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