I am a bull on dollar for obvious reason of expected interest interest rate hikes for the year and for now we see the 10Y T-Note falling which subsequently caused dollar strength.

Market and Price is flat and price has been ranging between support @112.095 and resistance @114.380 which is also MPP. Stochastic is oversold and looks o be turning to the upside.

Market is flat and price is bullish (EMA 5 above 8).Price has gone through the DPP, WPP and YPP and resistance @ 112.555. Price has retested this level and its now moving to the upside. Stochastic moving towards overbought.

Market is turning to be bullish as EMA 21 is just about to cross 55. Price currently flat after the pull back and retest. Stochastic is showing lesser and lesser bears in the market for this pair. Will be looking for opportunities to buy on the lower time frames on role reversal.

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