The old question, “Is it the Tech’s or the Fundi’s?” You decide!

G/U Chart From 2009

Here's a chart I marked up 7 years ago as it was. A 1-2-3 reversal kicked off a series of Elliot Waves (in blue) 'Before' the global crash in 2008. The crash tho was the start of a W:3 decline that had it's own series of 5 waves (in white). Notice the fib studies that predicted the bottom when extended off W:1 of the 78.6 & 61.8 as they clustered at the same price level (all in blue rectangles).

G/U Today

Fast forward to today we see that W:4 ended up being a complex Elliot correction (W:2 & W:4 can be either a-b-c or complex) with it's own complex series between waves c & d in red (a form of fractals). It would now appear that a W:5 is under way as support has been broken on Brexit 'Several' years later as predicted. It's charts like these that will keep the question alive about technical or fundamental analysis building a chart.

G/U Next 2-3 Years?

With Brexit in it's infant stage and the Fed looking to raise rates could this be a possible scenario as it unfolds over the next few years and print a long term W:5 near parity? What will take price to the 'Possible' target zone, tech's or fundi's? What do you believe builds a chart & how will you trade it? BTW, I don't use Elliot in planning today, although I do see impulse & correction waves, but because I spent a lot of time trying to understand Elliot I thought I'd finish this one since I was going thru archives. Hope you find it interesting.

6 thoughts on “G/U Past-Present-Future”

  1. Wayne McDonell - says:

    Very very good analysis James! Bravo!

    1. James Mauro says:

      Thank you Wayne !!

  2. Miles says:

    Very interesting James, thank you!
    It would also be interesting if when you find the time you would like to tell us how you use impulse and correction waves in your analysis!

    1. James Mauro says:

      Miles there’s not a quick explanation on Elliot’s as there are books on the subject. Try google and read up on the theory. Investopedia or babypips probly have a condensed explanation on their websites.

  3. Brendon Davis says:

    Love it. Great thoughts.

    1. James Mauro says:

      Glad you enjoyed.

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