im a bear on this pair


Market is bulish and price is bullish with a overbought stoch heading down.Price is at our weekly target and bulls might take a bearim looking to sell at WM4 1244.3200 double top or at WR2 1249.6867.

XAUUSD H1 intra day trae SHORT 19 JULY 2017

Market is flat and price is flat with a flat stoch. price came of Dm3 1243.35 as im writing this trade plan with a target of Dm1 1231.57. as a bear im waiting for price to do a lower low and wait for a lower high and enter at 1239.81.if not wait for price to do a double top and enter at 1243.3580 with a target of DM1 1231.57. .IF PRICE BREAKS my resistance i will be looking to sell at DM4 1249.24

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