Apologies for the blank trade plans, There was an error uploading the images on those plans. Please ignore any blank plans and refer to the plans with the charts attached. Thanks!

Monthly and weekly pivot points calculated using the formula on page 668 in “The FXBootcamp Guide to Strategic and Tactical Forex Trading”.

Following on from Dxy and EURUSD we can see that there is a theme of Dollar strength that may come into play at the start of the year. Analysis of Gold supports this though nothing says bearish just yet.

Gold Daily

Price is going to open at MM3 in a sideways market with an overbought stoch that has crossed but not moved down into the trade zone just yet (sideways because price has not made a higher high above current market price which is October resistance). The bearish monthly target is MM1 with Bulls paying attention to MM2.

Gold H4

MM3 is also WM3. The bearish weekly target of WM1 is also MM2. Bears are looking for reversal patterns on H1 or lower due to the market being bullish on this time frame and H1. Bulls could consider using range trading rules and waiting for a breakout above the range and a pullback before buying OR look to buy lower like the confluence of WM1 and MM2, if Bears sell this all the way down to the bearish weekly target. Obviously WPP and WM2 are support though I don't like the idea of buying this into resistance at the top of the range, hence the more conservative strategy of waiting for the break and trading the pullback or buying lower down.

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