Will it break to the upside for the bulls?

4 HR & 15 Min

The 4 Hr stoch is bullish. The 15 Min has a change of trend with the higher high. Daily pivots could have an M2-M4 in play for today(not shown) which can take us to 136.00. The timing of the 15 min plan could happen around the NY open. If this breaks and the 61.8 on the Daily/4 HR holds there is a potential target of 148.50 based on the fib ext of 38.2 which takes this up to a role reversal zone and a play on monthly M2-M4 but that target is @ 146.50. The 4 HR does have resistance so lets see how this unfolds.

15 Min & 1 Min

As the 15 min stoch cycles down look for entries to buy on the 1 min if you're a bull. A macd cross of the '0' line is the start of a higher time frame move just as it was for the cycle down.

2 thoughts on “G/J Update (Plus)”

  1. Maryna says:

    Hi James, this pair is stuck in a range, but I started buying it up on Monday, but still a bear on the Longer term, so I’m also taking all the sells and making great profits doing this. My TP target for a buy is at 136.770 and will see if it gets that high. So far, over 400p selling it since Monday and about 340 p buying the dips since Monday, so at the moment the bears are still in control.I’m in another sell right now.

    1. James Mauro says:

      That’s close to a W-PP for a target, I have it on radar. If the 61.8 daily fib holds this could be a nice one to hold from here. Let’s see

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