GBP vs USD strength

Shorting GBPUSDi; with confluence between daily and H4 charts, both price and market indicating bullishness off the 5/8 and 21/55 respectively; but bullishness continued with price braking through the 200MA (fair market price), the 21MA (predicting a HH), and the 55MA (predicting a DT), roll reversal seems to be technically in play; with Fib set at Lowest Low to the most resent High, I see Bulls pushing price to the 161.8; my pending order is set at the 161.8 awaiting roll reversal and a pull back from resistance; stochastic show price is overbought; my take profit is set below MPP confluence; but will monitor and adjust if reaches WPP.

With the H4 chart showing the same levels of support and resistance as on the H4 chart, the bias remains the same

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