GBPUSD yesterday it was down day , Bear will look for pullback to higher price for continue selling target to 1.20 previous rejection area and Psychological figure 1.2000 .

GBPUSD Day ( 10 Jan , 2017 )

GBPUSD Daily Bear waiting for pullback to higher price + roll reversal + Psychological 1.22 and look for reversal there to sell

GBPUSD H4 ( 10 Jan , 2017 )

Plan A look for reversal about 1.22 If it continue go up look for reversal at Plan B look for reversal about 1.23

GBPUSD 15M ( 10 Jan , 2017 )

Entry time 15M Bear will wait for price to go higher for selling opportunity about 1.22 + Daily pivot DM3 .

2 thoughts on “GBPUSD Trade Plan”

  1. Ken Moulton says:

    Nice plan. We have seen 300+ drop from 6 Jan ending in consolidation in the WM1 area 1.2124 10 Jan.
    As a suggestion I would like to see you post a price rather than a pivot because tomorrow DM3 will be somewhere else. I have a similar plan but would add that my 1st short target is 1.2220 and would note that this is not even a 382 of the overall drop. We will establish a higher high and a short term uptrend above 1.2180 and look for price to move long to entry target. My second entry point is 1.2250-1.2260 area. 1.2250 phyc and 1.2268 50% retracement, resistance, MM2. One final target to get short could be 1.23, WPP, 618% retracement.

    Keep up the great work I enjoyed your analysis.

  2. Thanks Ken for the excellent suggestion . will post price in the future .:)

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