Good Morning Traders, As you can see from the charts below, i’m on the bearish camp on Cable. Now that Manufacturing PMI is out and is also slowing down (Added Confirmation), 2 Trade paths I see which I’ve plotted on the picture.
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4 thoughts on “GBPUSD Super Thursday Trade Plans.”

  1. Bruk Teffera says:

    Previous entry stopped out. waiting to enter on mpp. Tagging MPP would be more bearish for the pair as Monthly bears will be stepping in.

  2. Bruk Teffera says:

    Added Short on the back of the hike at 1.3125

  3. Bruk Teffera says:

    H4 close above 1.3145 [MPP] invalidates my bearish scenario. still expecting shakeout till 1.31288. biggest short position waiting there

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