Charts left to right, M5, H4, D1, WK1
GBP is still in a potential down trend. Last weeks move up was good positioning to sell down to the low range again.
over all Britex should weaken GBP headed to june, so we just need a little USD strength as GBP is neutral when compared cross pairs.
High resistance and a role reversal is a good place to Short. Also monthly pivot point and Weekly M3. The plan on the 4 hour I drew in a week ago sunday. ( I took the short before news and walked with 20P, so I have been impaitently waiting for this high to sell again.)

2 thoughts on “GBPUSD Pattern Sell”

  1. Joe urban says:

    Market revered. this trade stopped out with a 20p profit.

  2. Maryna says:

    Hey Joe, I won’t sell this pair and a Daily close above 1.2410 will provide buy opportunities, so while price is above 1.2410 look to buy if market close above 1.2410 tonight.

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