Im a bull in this pair due to my technical analysis

Market is flat (ranging) and price also flat but the stoch is bearish.price came of near MM3 1.2572 at the start of the month with the target of MM1 1.2066. As a bull im looking to enter at the bottom of the range which is my support (green) MM2 1.2319 with a target of MM4 1.2825 or with a target of MR1 1.2727 that is the top of the range.if price breaks my support will look to enter at MS1 1.2221 WITH A target of MRI 1.2727. IF PRICE BREAKS THAT SUPPORT AGAIN will look for a counter trend trade which is MM1 1.2066 WITH A target of MPP 1.2416

Market is flat and price is bearish with a oversold stoch. price came of WR1 on a friday with a target of WSI 1.2400 which is bottom of the range .As a bull im looking to enter at WS1 1.2400 WITH A TARGET of 1.26500.if price breaks that support ,i will look to counter trend at WM1 1.2234 which is also a confluence off MM2

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