The “Yellow green” area are possible support area and “Light pink” possible resistance are.

Before taking the trade; wait for confirmation then the test (2nd chance entry).


Here the price was on the fib zone and started to heading up, waiting for a confirmation candle or pattern on lower time.

4 Hours

Here there is the same as the daily

1 Hour

3 thoughts on “GBPUSD 12-SEP-16”

  1. Wayne McDonell - says:

    Excellent post. Thank you.

    1. JohnA says:

      Indeed well done!! I’m just looking at charts now and do concur!! The difference is I see a 1-2-3 on daily and based on trend line believe there is more upside in short term but if get a break of support who knows. How we celebrate is a round of White Castle Hamburgers for everyone and
      LDHF — long distance high five.

  2. Gilberto Machele says:

    Thanks guys…

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