Tried to scalp this pair. Total failed trade. I have learned that I may not have the skill and personal mind set for this rapid moving pair. My stops were to close and was trying to trend trade in a range market.

Licking my wounds, I got caught up in trading range bound market. I also was revenge trading in all directions, buying selling. Lesson of how trading is mostly psychological. I need to be patient and look for a better way of entering and exiting. Or just not trade at all. I am trying to keep this trade profitable to make up for my other failed trades today. USD/CAD So far so good up 90 pips. But what should I do I need to go to sleep. Should I take my profit now ? Move my stop just above 5,8 ema? Leave stop at +30 pips? It is at Daily M1 pivot.

Counter trend scalp attempt at London open at the Daily pivot S2

Stopped out bye 1 pip. I was looking to trend trade upward with 15 minute trend. I had opportunity to try long at N.Y. open but missed it and possibly psychologically damaged to pull trigger again.

At dilemma, what to do . Take profit ? I am worried it may bounce back and only get +30 pips while I go to bed

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