I thought it was a great Long setup yesterday with all Stochastic in sync.

But it didn’t work out.  The price continued to drop, and as a result, H4 Stochastic has not crossed up yet.

Let’s re-align the stuff.

I think it is OK to say the price is still in the Support zone on Daily, while Stochastic stays in overbought zone.



As I said earlier, H4 Stochastic continued to go down and has not crossed up yet!



However, look at Hourly Stochastic (below).  It started to go up and now above 25%, and 5/8 cross up !  (though the price is still far below 21EMA)



This is still VERY aggressive setup.   But I would like to buy this pair, once I see the break of Today’s high (184.30).   Or… to be on a safer side, I could further wait for the break of DPP, then buy this pair.



Once we can get into the next up-wave, I think we can ride H4 Stochastic up cycle.


Hope this setup helps your analysis.



YJ Baik – Forex.Today @ Tokyo



PS: If you are Bear, your setup is below…




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  1. Artem says:

    Great explanation. Thank you YJ.

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