Hi Traders,

Are you still interested in the Beast?      Do you realize the Beast could smash you hard?    I know.  Once you get the tons of pips from the Beast, you can never forgot that, right?

I am one of them!  🙂    So let’s build the solid trade scenarios and do NOT forget that we need a patient and discipline, especially for the Beast.


Anyway, I wrote yesterday that “Range market is over.  Now look for the up-trend” …   I was wrong.

The chart looks like we are back in the range.  (193.50 – 195.20)


Therefore, I am expecting the price will come down to the bottom (193.50), and turn back up to 195.20.   Also remember a little possibility the price could turn up from WPP (193.92 ish)

We have to assume this is the Range bound market, until it breaks.

Hope this analysis helps you build your own setups.


Happy Tradin’


YJ Baik – Forex.Today @ Tokyo



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