GBPJPY is potentially in the down trend move toward 137 area. Bear will look for selling opportunity on any rally up after a lower low move.

GBPJPY Day ( 7 June , 2017 )

GBPJPY has a lower low day candle yesterday and Bear is looking for selling opportunity at the rally up .

GBPJPY H4 ( 7 June , 2017 )

GBPJPY weekly has reach weekly Bear target early in the week , potentially it could rally up to Weekly central WPP about 142 for Bear to look for selling opportunity again

GBPJPY 15M ( 7 June , 2017 )

Entry time frame 15M Bear is waiting for price to rally up to 141.5 - 142 area looking for selling opportunity SL 100pips Tp 137.5

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    Thank you Daniel.

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    Thanks Champ 🙂

    But if i may suggest, for your own health, limit as much blue on your charts as you can. It will affect your eyes long term. Unless ofcourse you use pc glasses.

    Keep up the good work mate!

  4. Daniel Chan - Forex.Today says:

    Thanks Andrew 🙂 will look into for improvement .

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