Im a bear due to this technical analysis

GBPJPY daily short 28062017

Market is flat but overall we in a range and price bullish with the stoch heading of the price acme off our monthly target MM4 138.1815 and has reach the target of MPP 144.1237. we might see bears getting in and try to push the market down.As a bull imk looking to enter at MPP 144.1237 but i will look at my lower time frames to enter.if price breaks i will look to enter again at the top of the range which is 148.050 with a target of being bottom of the range 138.8215 or 136.525

Source: GBPJPY Daily short 28062017

GBPJPY H4 short 28062017

Market is bullish and price is bullish with an overbought stoch.we have already hit our weekly target which is WR2 144.0123 and we at resistance .as a bear im looking for a counter trend to at around WR2 with a target of 142.321 because thats were bulls might want to come in .

Source: GBPJPY H4 short 28062017

GBPJPY H1 short 28062017

Market is bullish and price flat with our stoch moving sideways.bears have come in at dm3 144.9740 witha target of DM1 141.8270.AS a bear im waiting for a lower low to see if these a change of trend and enter at a lower high at 143.3727,bear in mind bulls could want to get in at DM2 142.9509 and push the price to DM4 145.1975 AND THATS were i would want to enter again at DM4 145.1975

Source: GBPJPY H1 short 28062017

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