The bias on this pair is pretty neutral for me as the price is currently in a range between 142.800 and 138.900


Currently price is sitting at WM2 and we can anticipate that the bulls will push the pair up to WPP.

Source: 1-3-2017


Our stochastic is overbought on the H4 and the 21 and 55 can arguably taken as flat since the price is in a range . I'm not keen on taking any action currently but I'm looking to sell the pair at WPP which it resistance at 140.390.

Source: 1-3-2017


The bulls at WM2 might push the price up to our desired position of going short . Our stochastic is oversold and its just a matter of time before bulls can enter. One must wait for the price to go up to WPP to get the perfect entry.

Source: 1-3-2017

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