IM a bear in this this pair due to my technical analysis

Market is bullish and price is bearish and the stoch is heading down. price has found resistance at MR1 1.3035 and target is MS1 1.2590. price might form head shoulder at MM3 1.2887 and thats where i would look to enter and with a target of MM1 1.2442.

Market is side ways and price is bearish with an oversold stoch.price has borken my trendline that has been playing as support and price has formed a lower a bear im looking to sell at my resistance 1.28500 (38.2 fib) with a target of 161.8 .if price breaks would look to sell at 1.2900 (50.0fib) which is a confluence of MM3 with a target of 1.2600 which is a confluence of MS1 102588. i would be looking at my lower time frames to enter the trade

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