GBPAUD trade posted on Tuesday in the ‘activity” section hit target today. I’m attaching a H1 chart to show how bulls and bears make money by selling at Resistance and buying at support. This was a great trade, but as usual it was volatile.

GBPAUD Trade feedback

Source: Maryna

3 thoughts on “GBPAUD trade hits target”

  1. Wayne McDonell - says:

    Beautiful chart.

  2. Dalmas Ngetich - FOREX.TODAY says:

    That sell opportunity in the NY session was beautiful and a clear sell signal, unfortunately I didnt take it and sold the GBPNZD pair instead-which turned out to be choppy afterwards he he. Hope u held and hold till friday..u get also get paid by carry over btw he he

    1. Maryna says:

      Great stuff and thanks for the feedback! I’ve been selling GBPNZD now for a full year as a LT trade and I want to sell it down to at least 1.80210 or even lower before I will look for a buy on the short-term. Yes, these crosses can behave wild, but they reward really well. The interest rate news gave it a nice bump down as well, so getting closer to target and will then look to see if I can buy it up.

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