Hello Traders,
If anything, I really think it is the best time to buy some AUD, earn some positive swaps and hold this for a long time. Why? Well, we can take a top down approach and consider some technical formation first from the weekly chart. First, notice that since last year GBP has been charting higher and in this pair, it is a 1000 pips away from recovering post Brexit collapse. As you saw in 2016, that GBP depreciation was vicious. At the moment though, basing our decision on technical formation we have a reason to resume selling. To begin with, there is a clear distribution and not only are sellers (AUD buyers) expanding but look at those lower lows and diversion relative to the upper BB. Fact is, GBPAUD has been moving horizontally since following that over-extension by late March 2018.
Like the weekly chart, there is a stochastic sell signal turning from deep the overbought territory. That’s not all, yesterday’s bearish engulfing pattern would be a good hint of sell pressure. Indeed, because of that drop we saw prices breaking below a minor support trend line. Because of this, my recommendation is simple, sell GBP and trade GBPAUD as follows:
Sell: 1.819
Stop Loss: 1.83
Take Profit: 1.79, 1.758, 1.71 and 1.66
Let me know what you think!! Have a good trading day

gbpaud daily chart for April 19, 2018

Source: Dalmas

gbpaud weekly chart for April 19, 2018

Source: Dalmas

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