Using the 1 Min to trade the 15 Min ‘Before’ the candle update

15 Min

Whether trading the 5 MA or Stochs they move in parallel nicely. "Riding the 5" as WMD coined it is the key here. Using the 1 min gives us some time to look into a move just prior to the onset. As price approaches a 'Planned' zone to buy/sell and Stoch is cycled 'Against' the plan then move into the 1 min to trade the move.

1 Min

On the 1 Min a 34 MA and a 21-55 MACD gives clues 'Before' a 15 min candle update. An aggressive entry is to trade as price crosses and closes across the 34 MA. More conservative is to enter when the 21-55 MACD crosses the '0' line. Risk will vary obviously. The 15 min stoch cycle can be 2-3 hours. Also shown is a setup failure that is clearly seen with both the 34 & MACD along with the 15 min 5 MA so time to wait another hour! Try this with your favorite indicator if you don't use any of these.

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