3 thoughts on “Forex Trading Strategy Webinar Video For Today: (LIVE Friday, June 9, 2017)”

  1. Maryna says:

    I watched the recording and understand that this website if mainly focused on Pivot traders, however, I saw Ryan making a comment in the webinar that traders not using Pivots are “fools”. Really? I’m no fool and if you review all the trade ideas posted (with feedback on results) from me and other traders not using Pivots, we are certainly not fools! I respect all the trading strategies used by traders in this group and in fact I follow the trades everyone posts and give comments, I don’t insult or make negative comments about other trader’s strategies.

  2. Jorge Mancipe says:

    Thanks Wayne for upload the video , I think this was very good learning of all kind of strategics and knowledge . Also, Thanks for make up the courses even that you has been short of time. I appreciate your good willing and wishes for all.

  3. MLC says:

    great for the class and u r so funny but u give me so some much info and I appreciate all your work to try to help us.

    I do have a live account at traders way and so I am interested in the four course selection in one,…as I am writing this I hear u say beep…U r so funny …
    Thanks Wayne

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