3 thoughts on “Forex Today Strategy Session (LIVE FEB 16, 2016)”

  1. Hey Wayne, thanks for posting this video here. I personally really enjoyed last nights session and looking forward to tonight

  2. JohnA says:

    Wayne McDonell, congrats on getting FXStreet best speaker of year!! Awesome buddy you deserve it with the dedication and hard work performed everyday in making everyone around you a better trader. Wayne is tireless in his pursuit of our excellence and doesn’t always gets the recognition he deserves for his effort. I don’t know of anywhere else on the Internet that provides this level of education
    in relations to financial markets, trading, technical/fundamental analysis, short/long term trading plans at next to NO cost (registering for live webinars). He teaches you the exact same methods he uses on daily basis to be a successful profitable trader. If you’re struggling or want to improve your trading success then this is must watch and don’t take my word for it check out the FREE previously recorded webinars and leave a comment! Best Regards, John Alvarez

  3. Ronnie H Oren says:

    Congrats on Best Forex Speaker award! The last two webinars have been GREAT!!! Thanks for investing in us, all the best to you, Ronn.

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