The US dollar rebounded against its forex rivals on Friday, recovering back to its weekly highs against most of its counterparts. There were no major reports out of the US then but FOMC members Dudley and Williams reaffirmed the idea of a December Fed rate hike. The Fed has an unscheduled announcement later today that might spur volatility among dollar pairs.

The euro resumed its spot in the last place in the currency race, as the shared currency gave up a lot of ground on Friday. German PPI data came in weaker than expected with a 0.4% decline versus the projected 0.2% drop while ECB Governor Draghi reiterated in his testimony that the central bank will do what it takes to boost inflation. Euro zone PMI readings are up for release today.

The pound was also in a weak spot on Friday, thanks to worse than expected public sector net borrowing data. The report showed a 7.5 billion GBP deficit versus the projected 5.5 billion GBP shortfall. There are no reports due from the UK economy today.

The franc also gave up ground against its peers, as the euro showed more signs of weakness. There have been no reports out of the Swiss economy then and none are due today, which suggests that the Swissy might keep taking its cue from the euro.

The yen enjoyed the return in risk aversion on Friday, even though there were no reports out of Japan. Banks are closed for the holiday today which means that there are no major catalysts on deck and that liquidity might be lower in Asia.

Commodity Currencies (AUD, NZD, CAD)
The Aussie carried on with its strong rallies, followed by the Kiwi and leaving the Loonie to eat dust. Canadian headline CPI came in line with expectations of a 0.1% uptick while the core CPI showed a stronger than expected 0.3% gain. Headline and core retail sales slipped 0.5%, worse than the projected declines. Over the weekend, New Zealand reported a meager 0.2% uptick in visitor arrivals for October.

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