The US dollar continued to advance against its peers as traders tried to stay optimistic about the Trump presidency. Equity indices closed higher once more ahead of today’s Veterans’ Day holiday. There are no reports lined up from the US economy today and liquidity is expected to be thin.


The euro had another volatile run as risk sentiment switched back and forth. Euro zone data came in mixed, with French industrial production down 1.1% versus the projected 0.3% uptick. French non-farm payrolls and Italian industrial production beat expectations. Only medium-tier inflation reports are due from Germany today while French banks are closed for the holiday.


The pound was the big winner for the day as the pickup in risk appetite and general feeling of optimism in the markets boosted the UK currency off its lows. There were no reports out of the UK economy yesterday while today has the construction output report due.


The franc lost a lot of ground to its peers as risk appetite returned. Traders had been on the lookout for SNB intervention anyway, which explains why the Swiss currency quickly gave back its wins. There are no reports due from Switzerland today.


The Japanese yen was also in the losers’ bench because of the risk-on market environment. Data from Japan was slightly better than expected as the tertiary industry activity index printed a 0.1% dip versus the projected 0.2% drop. Moving forward, market sentiment could continue to push yen pairs around.

Commodity Currencies (AUD, NZD, CAD)

The comdolls were no match to dollar strength but were able to take advantage of the risk-on flows against its other counterparts. Canadian banks are closed for the holiday today but BOC Governor Poloz has a speech lined up.

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