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Forex Chart Review and Forecast

Let’s review our Forex charts HERE, on, May 7th, 2018, in our Forex Signal and Forecast report, DXY pushed up to 93.04 as we forecasted, it is now in an area where we can start seeing some resistance. However, it is possible that we won’t see the reversal until 93.82 area where we have a bearish order block. EURUSD did come down to 1.18811 as we forecasted, we are seeing EURUSD in an area where support may kick in, it is down at EQ level which sits at 18.50 level and we can see a retracement from here. However, we are looking at EURUSD possibly pushing down to 1.17672 where we have a bullish order block level.


Forex News Review

In today’s Forex Forecast and Signals, we start by reviewing our Forex economic calendar HERE,  listed below are the reports we believe can create some volatility today.

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Review our charts and follow them accordingly.

Play it careful and enjoy. 

EURUSD Forecast May 8th, 2018

Source: http://www.myownforex.guru

DXY Forecast May 8th, 2018

Source: http://www.myownforex.guru

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