Forex Chart Review and Forecast

Let’s review our Forex charts HERE, on, May 1st, 2018, in our Forex Signal and Forecast report, EURUSD dropped as we forecasted, it is now at a level where we believe we will see some retracement to 1.2072 and possibly even 1.20880 before dropping down to 1.19419. DXY climbed up to 92.48 as forecasted, we now believe it will retrace a bit, there are 2 levels that we are looking for, first one is at 92.19 and second level is at 91.91 before we see it become bullish again and head up to 93.04

Forex News Review

In today’s Forex Forecast and Signals, we start by reviewing our Forex economic calendar HERE,  listed below are the reports we believe can create some volatility today.

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Review our charts and follow them accordingly.

Play it careful and enjoy. 

DXY Forecast May 2nd, 2018


EURUSD Forecast May 2nd, 2018


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