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We are back at posting our Forex forecast, we have been away to handle private matters but we are now back by request. Keep sharing our post and help us grow. Want to know how good we are, look at our Forex Forecast from December 8th, 2017 where we called out that DXY would climb up to 95.50 where the big liquidity pool rest (click here to read the post); this means you had 6 months of knowledge where it will go and we hit it on the nail.

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Forex Chart Review and Forecast

Let’s review our Forex charts HERE, on, May 10th, 2018, in our Forex Signal and Forecast report, we talked about DXY climbing higher but with a possible dip down, this is exactly what happened. As we stated above in our opening paragraph, DXY did climb up to 95.50 as we forecasted on December 8th, 2017 (damn we are good), we have been bullish on DXY up to that level and we have enjoyed the ride a lot. What we now see is a breakdown of DXY and it has broken previous low on D1 timeframe. We are now starting to shift our view of DXY to a bearish outlook; this means gold will go up (which we have been enjoying for the last week) but also that EUR/USD will be bullish as well. However, here is the crux, the market conditions will come in play here (more emotional trading) due to the imposed tariffs from President Trump and other countries.

What does this mean? Follow us into the future for a second; export and import will slow down due to cost, factories and retail companies will suffer because someone has to pay for the party and it is the end customer. Simple store like a lighting company selling lights will see their sales go down due to import from China where they have manufacturing, this is just one example out of a lot of industries that will be impacted, just like a car dealership, if cars will cost an extra $5000 then sales will slow down. Add all this together and you have a recipe for a slowed economy, unemployment climbing because slowed sales, DXY dropping, or going into a sideline pattern where it will hover around a price area until a resolution is presented. We don’t believe that the Euro will climb drastically because they have imposed tariffs as well so they will see the same thing and so will China and other countries (perfect storm has been created) and the market will be emotional.

So the journey to the future has come to an end, basically, the market will be reactional more now than in the past, this means we are looking for a lot less long-term trades and instead looking to be in and out as quickly as possible (quant trading perhaps :)). Okay, we hear you, you want to know what the next trade looks like?? Well, we are going short on EUR/USD at 1.17922 if we see the right signs and because a gap has been close and EUR/USD need to retrace a bit before continuing up, we are only looking for 1.17400 before EUR/USD will climb back up again. However, this short this is based on the right signs at 1.17922, we believe that it is possible with a spike up to 1.18082 where you could catch the edge.


Review our charts and follow them accordingly.

Play it careful and enjoy. 

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  1. Barry evans says:

    Sorry to say but for your ego and being rong thank god I stick to my bias of the USD don’t le ego get in the way that HEAD shoulders – crown on EURUSD ent. No coincidence Dollar will stay strong for now. Proving bye economic data . Chris

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