Forex Chart Review and Forecast

Let’s review our Forex charts HERE, on, April 19th, 2018, in our Forex Signal and Forecast report, we were forecasting that EURUSD would drop down to 1.22471 and DXY would aim for 90.35 and beyond by the end of the week. When we look at what the status is this morning, we can see that our forecast was spot on and EURUSD is currently sitting at 1.22304 and DXY at 90.71; this means they have both broken major levels (1.22471 and 90.35), we just need them to stay below and above those levels by end of the day today.

We believe we will see a drop down to 1.2200 but possibly a retest of 1.22471 first; when we look at DXY we believe it will hit 90.80 and then possibly doing a retest towards 90.54. If we see this then we know we have some major moves towards closing some old gaps and taking out liquidity pools resting at 1.1880 for EURUSD and 92.99 for DXY (long way to go with several retracements and entry spots).

Forex News Review

In today’s Forex Forecast and Signals, we start by reviewing our Forex economic calendar HERE,  listed below are the reports we believe can create some volatility today.


Review our charts and follow them accordingly.

Play it careful and enjoy. 

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