Scalping around the FOMC statement alla W.M.D. style, thnx! IF USD weakness was on the menu the plan was to trade these to pairs.

1. USD/JPY – There are two entries between the 50 & 78.6% fib zone. Entries on the the retracement post news. Target near a DB (manually), Stop near 100% Fib

2. GBP/USD – Entry near 61.8 zone. Entry, target, and stop similar approach to U/J.

3. The GBP was chosen to trade against USD weakness from the EUR/GBP performance today.

Some pips were left on the table perhaps in the end as I type this but 100 pips combined was my goal to exit trades manually. I hope others here had success today as well…

1 Min

1 Min

15 Min

3 thoughts on “FOMC * 100 Pips in 15 Min (Roughly)”

  1. Malesela Nkwe says:

    Well done James.. This really shows that W.M.D methods are working and he is the true mentor.. Thanks Wayne..

    1. James Mauro says:

      Thnx Malesela, the reason I posted results is exactly that. Enough people come to the webinars I assume but I don’t think Wayne gets the enough feedback nor do people in the room respond enough to Wayne’s methodologies, not only with the plans but by ‘showing’ real results, as he continues on a daily basis with his approach. This would further support the community as well I would hope. Congrats on U/C.

  2. Malesela Nkwe says:

    I made 78 pips scalping USDCAD this yesterday..

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