Im a bear in this pair due to my technically analysis


Market is bearish with low momentum and price is bullish. Price came of near MM2 at 118.500 and target is MM4 123.0320. As a beat im looking to sell at my resistance at LOWER HIGH 121.000 that consists of 50.0 fib or at MR1 121.500 WHICH is my 61.8 fib

EURJPY H4 02032017

Market is flat and price is bullish but now overbought. Price came of at WM2 119.3100 and target is WM4 120.3870. we might see traders taking profit today so im looking to sell here at WM4 and my target is WPP 119.000 IF PRICE breaks .im looking on selling at WR2 which is my confluence of MM3 121.000

EURJPY H1 02032017

Market is bullish and price is bullish. as a bear im looking at selling at my resistance which is pink at DR1 120.3650 which is my confluence of WM4 120.500 and target for the day will be at DS1 119.3770.if price breaks i will sell at DM4 120.5755

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