– Dollar strength after Fridays positive retail sales and PPI
– Strong case for rate hike in December building with positive data
– November is out of the question especially with elections happening
– Euro still handling Monetary policy at a moderate rate
– No hike for rates expected
– Inflation target 2 percent but might only be reached by Next year if economic data is positive
– Brexit will force new strategies to ensure smooth transition in the Euro away from pound.

– PPI is coming up for the weak which could influence price for Euro. Any good figure will encourage bullish movements
– Draghi to speak this week probably on current monetary action
– Core CPI for the Dollar coming out with weak forecasts predicted
– Building permits and Crude oil on Wednesday
– Thursday will see interest rate decision for the euro. If it stays the same, might not move but if it goes down, expect to see Euro weakness. Deposit rate also coming out and expecting it to stay the same.
– Philadelphia Fed Manufacturing Index (Oct) coming out Thursday. Low figures will hurt the dollar
– ECB holding a press conference and an EU summit which will have an effect on the euro and its future

Positive data will strengthen the dollar and place high probability on the rate hike increase for December.
Euro might not do to well as they are still maintaining their stance and look to other means of monetary policies

Euro started the week bearish due to dollar strength. Euro currently at lowest support level at 1.09 to the dollar. Might look to recover to the fibzone and continue it rally down. Could breach 1.08.

Price action suggesting that there is consolidation. Currently price sitting at Ws3. Price could rally up to fibzone at current ws1. Market momentum is strong so price could hit the 21 ma and fall back down.

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