If you love range trading I have a currency pair for you — EURUSD — seems pausing and/or waiting for something might want to look for different currency pair short term. In order for a bullish breakout and head higher need 1.1040 if opposite then a bearish break of 10950/40 area otherwise tight range trading in play between 1.1000 and 1.0980 sometimes spiking up to 1.1030. I would advise let the market dictate direction and be prepared to sell lower highs on way down and buy higher lows on way up. Based on previous week move down to this level was expecting heading lower and the Draghi commentary didn’t do anything to change expectation, however, it is possible bearish sentiment maybe wearing off and changing? What do you think?



2 thoughts on “EURUSD Update”

  1. Dalmas Ngetich - FOREX.TODAY says:


  2. Jim Reddihough says:

    Hopefully FOMC statement tonight will give us some direction.

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