2 days ago, we suggested to short that pair on a retrace back to resistance at round number 1.0900.


Those who short it blindly there, could bank some nice profit, since price fell for 200 pips from there. Now I point round number 1.0800 again, where we could short that pair, if we retrace there. As said two days ago, I don’t see any support till 1.0520. I don’t see any bullish scenario on that pair for the future days.

On Monday there is German Trade Balance news in EU, we don’t have any major red news in USA.

One thought on “EURUSD trade plan for Monday 09. of November”

  1. Agostinho Santos says:

    i m in the trade short e feel very scare about a possibility skip but now im in break even. i only in eur/usd short. My decision was base after looking ism services report increasing in jobs as avg paid increase also probability interest rate was high i didn´t unintended The challenger report how to add to the preview Avg of the NFP also yen was weak eur too QE e PMI AV no big surprises and Trade Balance no big difference compere to USA.

    thank to all to help understand and help to make a better decision.
    Thank you Igor, and Master Wayne.

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