I am still a bear on this pair I still see weakness and a number of opportunities can possibly benefit one.


We currently about to complete a bullish candle and the price is heading up to resistance. Markets still abit flat but the 55 EMA is above the 21 EMA.

Source: 22-2-17


Price bounced on 1.05000 just above our MS1 support and its currently working its way up to resistance and the fib zone for bears to sell.

Source: 22-2-17


One has to wait patiently for the price to head back up to our trigger targets , which is WPP or the H4 fib zone for one to get a perfect entry on the pair. 1.06100 - 1.05900 would be the fib area to get your entry . Remember to get confirmation on lower time frames for entry.

Source: 22-2-17

2 thoughts on “EURUSD SHORTING”

  1. Tsholanang Tsholanang says:

    Hey Kwexta, Notice you have monthly pivot on all your charts?

    1. Kwexta Jr KaMlaza says:

      yeah bro but now i’ve started using the weekly and daily.

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